360kW - Fan Cooling System DC Charger

DO360 liquid.png
  • Simultaneous DC Charging (up to 2 dispensers) 

  • Dynamic Power Sharing/Load Balancing 

  • Up to 360KW per with an optional liquid-cooled connector

  • Dispensers are available in a wide range of configurations featuring 500A Liquid-cooled connectors, as well as 200A and 300A connectors. 

  • Network or Standalone Operation

  • User Authentication (RFID, OCPP, Third-party Payment System) 

  • Support Pantograph Charging 

  • Configure two 360 cabinets in parallel for up to 720kW 

  • Available with 5m or 7m Cables 

2021-046_DO360 kW更新-2_edited.jpg