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Seamless installs with pre-commissioned EV chargers. Select from leading Charger Management Software (CMS) providers. 

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As authorized reseller partners for the leading Charger Management Software providers, we can pre-commission chargers, enabling you to save time and money and ensure a smoother installation and site commissioning process. 


Which CMS provider is the right fit for my company? 


Companies like AmpUp, ChargeLab, EV Connect, and eDRV offer cloud-charger management software that support different use-case or deployments, including 


  • Multi-Unit Dwellings or MUD - Typically apartments and condo communities 

  • Hospitality - Hotels, restaurants, resorts 

  • Corporate Employee Charging 

  • Public Charging 

  • Network Operators or ChargePoint Operators (CPOS) - Companies that operate a network of chargers under their brand

  • Fleet Charging - This could be for a small or large fleet. 

  • Government 

  • Utility companies 

Companies like Synops.AI and Epic Charging focus more on Fleet charging and deliver solutions specific to this market. 

It's also common for EV Charger resellers, integrators, or turn-key key providers to offer more than one option to their customers driven by an incentive provided by a utility company in a particular region. The good news is that we can pre-commission the charger to meet your specific requirement. 



What is a simple way to describe OCPP? 

ChargeLab describes it as a shared language spoken between open EV chargers and charging station management systems (CSMS). Not all EV chargers and management softwares support OCPP, but systems that do enjoy a wide range of benefits.



What if I don't know which one is right for me? 

Just email or give us a call and we can provide guidance. 

What does the Charger Operating Software allow me to manage? Here are some features of one of the OPP CMS providers we are partnered with. 

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