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DS60 DCFC (60kW) 

  • Stylish Sleek Modern Design 

  • RFID Card Reader for user authentication (2 supplied) 

  • LAN/Wi-Fi & 4G Standard 

  • Support for Charging Station Management Systems (CSMS)

  • NEMA 3R and IP55 Protection

  • Dual CCS1 or CHAdeMO/CCS1 Connector Options 

  • 16ft Cable

  • Simultaneous Dynamic Power Sharing 

  • Optional Cable Management 

Delivering Simultaneous Charging 
The DS60 will charge two vehicles simultaneously, delivering 30kW to each vehicle or 60kW to one vehicle. 
Optional Credit Card Reader 
Add an optional credit card reader that will also read RFID cards. 
Non-branded (Ready to become your brand) 
All Zerova products are non-branded, enabling you to easily your brand with either a custom label or graphic wrapping. 

Versatile for any deployment use case

The DS60 is great for Public, Fleet, service stations, employee and parking garages


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